Happi Names is dedicated to offering you the best selection, highest quality service, and absolute best price for beautifully customized pieces.  We have personalized gifts for any occasion. Our friendly helpful staff members are eager to help you find that perfect gift.
Our mission is to provide Personalized Gift solutions for everyone and every occasion, with the primary focus on creating unique options.  Over the years, Happi Names has expanded its offerings to include hundreds of gift ideas fitting for a variety of life’s treasurable moments.
Visit our online catalog to get an idea of why our personalized Piggy Banks, Seasonal Items, and Kid Products are in demand.

At Happi Names – YOU choose your design, special saying/name, and product…then WE turn that into a beautifully hand painted or embroidered work of art.

It is just that simple! Please come in and see our product selection or visit our catalog for more gift ideas.